This week, we talked about RBI's version of Operation Twist, the problems plaguing Netflix, CD Projekt Red, and Zomato's new delivery feature.


Operation Twist finally simplified

On Monday, we attempted to do what no other publication has done: explain the intricate workings of Operation twist. The RBI has bought Rs. 10,000 crores worth of long term Government bonds and has simultaneously sold short term bonds worth the same amount. While most people simply brushed this off as an attempt to reduce bank lending rates. We went deep. How deep?

You'll have to read this article to find out.


Collateral Damage

On Tuesday, we talked about the new problems plaguing Netflix. When Indian telecom operators lost a case against the Government and were forced to pay up huge sums of money, they raised their tariff rates in order to transfer some of the burden to consumers. But high data prices are not only affecting customers, but also businesses that thrived on cheap internet.

How exactly, you ask? Find out here.


The Witcher is here

On Wednesday, we spoke about a little known stock that has outperformed in unimaginable ways- CD Projekt Red. With the recent launch of the Netflix show " The Witcher", there's been renewed focus on the folks that made the Witcher series famous. No, it's not the author. Instead the laurels go to a company that made video games based on the fantasy novels.

This is a must read story if you're a fan of Witcher, CD Projekt Red or video games in general. So go ahead and read the full draft here.


On-Time or Free

On Friday, we looked at Zomato's "On-time or free" delivery scheme. The premise is simple. Zomato allows users to pay a nominal fee that ensures their food arrives on time. If it doesn't, you get the food for free (up to Rs. 200). Now since there's been a lot of hype around this business we decided to take a closer look.

And here's our verdict on this new feature.

That's all for this week. Happy weekend, folks!:)

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